Aug 24, 25, 26, 30, 31, Sept 1, 2018

Spoon River Anthology
by Charles Aidman, Edgar Lee Masters, Naomi Caryl Hirshhorn
Directed by Phil Funkenbusch


Spoon River Anthology is a stage adaptation of Edgar Lee Masters’ classic book of poems that took the poetry world by storm when it was published in 1916.  Masters’ based the characters in the book (who all speak from the grave) on people he knew during his time living in Petersburg & Lewistown, Illinois.


The last Theatre in the park production of Spoon River Anthology was staged in 1999 and 2000. The production will have an Ensemble of 12-18 actors, with music by Mark Mathewson. Among the poems in the play: Fiddler Jones, Margaret Fuller Slack, Doc Meyers,  Lucius Atherton, Hannah Armstrong, Hod Putt, Ida Frickey, Daisy Fraser, Benjamin Pantier,Lucinda Matlock, Alexander Throckmorton and Anne Rutledge. There will be some singing, as well as a square-dance performed.



Director's Bio:


Phil Funkenbusch (Director) of Petersburg is happy revisit Spoon River Anthology at New Salem. A few years ago, Phil took a sabbatical in Springfield, and traveled down to Georgia and directed Tom Poland’s, SWAMP GRAVY: Solid Ground in 2012. Phil has directed numerous productions, such as The Last of Mrs. Lincoln at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. He has directed many productions at New Salem over the years including To Kill A Mockingbird, Our Town, Spoon River Anthology, Steel Magnolias, Between Daylight and Boonville, The World of Carl Sandburg, and Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years. Phil’s hometowns are Carrollton, Missouri and Havana, Illinois.



Edgar Lee Masters’

Spoon River Anthology


Will Acton

Davyd Daly

Sue Elliott

Rose Serio Harmon

Amber Johnson

Terry Jones

Kim Luz

Dale Mason

Mark Mathewson (music)

Molly Mathewson (music)

Sherri Mitchell

Bob Morgan

Tina Prather

Randy Robbins

Don Schneider

Linda Schneider

Erica Smith

Joyce Te Ronde

Robert Te Ronde




 Perf.:  Aug. 24-26 & Aug. 30 –Sept. 1

 (Fri.-Sun. & Thurs.-Sat.)


Tentative Rehearsal Schedule (a finalized schedule will be sent out after casting).


Mon. July 16             

Tues. July 17            

Wed. July 18             

Thurs. July 19          


Mon. July 23            

Tues. July 24            

Wed. July 25             

Thurs. July 26         


Mon. July 30

Tues. July 31             

Wed. Aug. 1                

Thurs. Aug. 2


Mon. Aug. 6  

Tues. Aug. 7

Wed. Aug. 8

Thurs. Aug. 9


Mon. Aug. 13

Tues. Aug. 14

Wed. Aug. 15  

Thurs. Aug. 16

Fri. Aug. 17 


Sun. Aug. 19

Mon. Aug. 20  

Tues. Aug. 21     

Wed. Aug. 22   

Thurs. Aug. 23

FRI. Aug. 24   Perf. #1             

SAT. AUG. 25   Perf. #2

 SUN. AUG. 26  Perf. #3


THURS. AUG. 30  Perf. #4

 FRI. AUG. 31           Perf. #5

 SAT. SEPT. 1          Perf. #6 (final & strike)