civil war journeys

July 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22, 2012
Written & Directed by : John Woodruff
Drama with Choral Music
10 males, 3 females, extras
An original script by John Woodruff that follows three sets of people through the Civil War. One is a runaway slave. The second story follows a Union Army officer, the last a con man getting rich from the spoils of war. All are accompanied by songs from the period, sung by two local traditional and gospel choruses.



about the director

JOHN WOODRUFF (Director) John lives in Pleasant Plains and has played in over a dozen productions at Muni, several at STC, and a dozen or more at TIP. His most recent was the Ghost of Jacob Marley in LLCC’s Christmas Carol. His favorite role is Amos in Chicago. Recently, John has directed John Brown’s Body, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Carousel at TIP, and White Christmas in Jacksonville. He can be seen in Legally Blonde II and in the movie at the Lincoln Home. John is currently working on a project for next year. He loves hunting, fishing, and taking care of the mini-farm that he shares with his wife Judy, the president of his fan club. Other members of the club include their children and grandchildren.


Elizabeth Buttell-Landis - Sarah
Mary Dissler - Chorus
Kyle Harvey - Levi
Doug Hawkinson - George          
Ron Kick - Boss
Sarah Kline - Anne
Deanna Langheim - Chorus  
Ted Mahler - Trader  
Kasey Norman - Soldier
Katie Steinhour -  Lottie
Sarah Steinhour - Effie
Bob TeRonde  - Lieutenant
Joyce TeRonde - Orderly
Douglas Hold - Rafe
Jennifer Johnson - Laurie
Jordan Johnson - Soldier
Khaleelah Johnson - Chorus
N'yet Shaw - Chorus
Dawna Stone - Chorus
E. Vern Taylor - Jim
Kabrea Thomas - Bess
Garth Whitehead - Will
Andrew Willmore - Zeke
Wally Witherspoon - Cal