June 10, 11, 12, 16, 17, 18, 2022


A Little Princess

Author Michael Hjort

Composer Camille N. Curtis

Directed by Cari Wilmert

A Little Princess is an original musical adaptation of the Francis Hodgson Burnett novel. It is the story of a little rich girl, Sara Crewe, and her struggle to survive in a London boarding school during World War II.

A Little Princess Cast List

Sara-Cora McMann
Captain Crewe-Andy VanDeVoort
Becky-Alaina Taylor
Miss Minchin-Cathy Doyle
Amelia-Piper Chase
Ms. Barrow-Deb VanDeVoort
Pierre-Logan Baskett
Cook- Heather Southwell
Pearl-Lily Brant
Alf-Atticus Beatty
Eddie-Cameron Wilmert
M. Carrisford-Arlo Dennison
Henri-Kaydence Daley
Charles-Jasmine Stubbs (also seminary girl)
Jacques- Lily Brant
Constable Hart-Connor Anderson
Lavinia-Margaret Hacke
Ruth-Elyse Jones
Mary-Amara Kaeding
Lottie-Carrie Anne Miller
Ermengarde- Grace Davis
Jessie- Makayla Giles