Bye, bye, birdie

Bye, Bye, Birdie
June 22, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30, July 1, 2012
Book by; Michael Stewart
Music by: Charles Strouse
Lyrics by: Lee Adams
Originally Produced by: Edward Padula
Directed by: Sean Rose
12 males, 15 females, extras
When rock star, Conrad Birdie, is drafted into the army, Albert Peterson is worried about his future as a songwriter. Albert and his secretary/love interest, Rose, have to write a farewell song for Birdie that he will sing on The Ed Sullivan Show to a specially selected fan. The lucky fan turns out to be a teenager, Kim McAfee, of Sweet Apple, Ohio. When Birdie arrives in this hick town, the population goes crazy in the ensuing madness.

About the Director

Sean VanAusdall-Rose (DIRECTOR) Sean has directed shows, most recently, LEND ME A TENOR, for the Jacksonville Theatre Guild, as well as, vocal directing for THE BEST CHRISTMAs PAGEANT EVER. His stage credits encompass many roles including General Waverly in White Christmas for JTG (serving also as the show's vocal director); Orin Scrivello in Little Shop of Horrors (JTG); Jud Fry in Oklahoma! (JTG); Roger DeBris in The Producers (Muni); Harold Hill in The Music Man; Calvin in Guys and Dolls (concert version at STC); Abner Yokum in Li'l Abner; Fagin in Oliver!; Oliver Warbucks in Annie. He has served in pit orchestras for productions of Bye, Bye, Birdie, Calamity Jane, The Sound of Music, Grease, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, South Pacific and many more. Sean is organist at Congregational U.C.C. in Jacksonville and has been serving as a church organist for 33 years.


Actors are to prepare songs from the show, specific to the character that they are auditioning for (if they do perform something different, they should expect to be asked to sing something from the show cold). Readings will be cold and all should come to dance auditions.

cast of characters

Albert Peterson (25 to 35, Tenor/Baritone) - President of Almaelou Music Corp. and Conrad Birdie's agent and songwriter.

Rose Alvarez (25 to 35, Soprano/Alto) - Albert's long-suffering secretary and love interest. Strong dancer.

Conrad Birdie (20 to 25, Tenor/Baritone) - Rock and Roll superstar. Think Elvis.

Kim MacAfee (14 to 16, Soprano) - Teen-age girl from Sweet Apple, Ohio, selected to kiss Conrad Birdie on the Ed Sullivan Show. Pretty and self-possessed girl.

Mr. Harry MacAfee (35 to 45, Tenor) - Kim's father. Very distressed over the fact that his daughter is growing up and can't understand why kids aren't what they used to be.

Mrs. Doris MacAfee (35 to 45, Soprano) - Kim's mother - think June Cleaver/Donna Reed - confused by the "modern way" that her daughter calls her Doris instead of mom.

Mrs. Mae Peterson (45+, Alto) - Albert's over-bearing mother - somewhat bigoted, opinionated and won't let go of Albert.

Hugo Peabody (16 to 18, Tenor) - Kim's "steady" boyfriend. Very jealous and doesn't want to Kim kissing another guy and is determined to stop her from doing so.

Randolph MacAfee (8 to 12, Unchanged Voice/Tenor) - Kim's younger brother.

Ursula Merkle (14 to 16, Soprano) - A hyper-enthusiastic dark haired teen friend and neighbor of Kim.

Mrs. Merkle (35+, Soprano) - Ursula's mother.

Gloria Rasputin (25 to 35, Soprano) - A big broad, tap dancing "secretary," Mae's choice to replace Rosie. Must be able to tap.

Mayor (45+, All voice ranges) – Mayor of Sweet Apple, Ohio.

Mayor's Wife, Edna (45+, All voice ranges) – Member of quartet.

Harvey Johnson (14-16, Tenor) – Geeky boy with ability to make voice crack while he's singing.

Mr. Johnson (35-40, All voice ranges) – Harvey's father.

Charles F. Maude (30+, Tenor) - Proprietor/bartender of "Maude's Roadside Retreat." In male quartet.

Conrad's Guitar Man (20-25, All voice ranges) – Non-speaking

Adult Chorus, Neighbors (25-55+, All voice ranges) 15 to 32 Men (8 to 10 of which must be able to dance) and 15 to 20 Women – Some parts are speaking.

Teen Chorus (13 to 17, All voice ranges) - some dance




Margie Ann

Deborah Sue

Penelope Ann




Barbra Jean


2 Sad Girls

Kid's Chorus (8-12, all voice ranges) - some dance