The crucible by arthur miller

June 28, 29, 30, July 4, 5, 6, 2013The Crucible

Directed By: Carly Shank
This is a 1952 play by the American playwright Arthur Miller. When theatre is at its finest, it sheds light on the human condition, showing audiences both the very best and the very worst of what it means to be human. Arthur Miller's The Crucible gives us the broadest spectrum of this; the play is practically a naked bulb in a darkened room, baring ugliness and deprivation alongside the rare beauty of true faith and forgiveness. It speaks to two deplorable events at two different time periods in our American history: the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials of 1692, which is the setting of the play; and the communist McCarthy trials of the early 1950s, during which the play was written and of which the play serves as an allegory. But fundamentally, the characters and the emotional content of the play speak to any time period and any circumstance in which motivations are difficult to understand and in which it is wrongly perceived that *any* answer is better than *no* answer..


about the directorCarly Shank

Carly Shank directed TIP's Pippin in 2005 and is glad to be back on the New Salem stage!  Since 2005, she has directed STC's Rent, Muni's Grease and Oliver! and HCFTA's Joseph...  She has appeared on stage in many productions, including Muni's Chicago and A Chorus Line, UIS Theatre's Proof, as the title character in Mrs. Packard at Macmurray College, and in the ALPLM's The Civil War.  Carly has a degree in theatre from Northwestern University and is Director of Audience Development for Sangamon Auditorium, UIS.  The Crucible is one of a short list of directing "dream projects" for Carly and she looks forward to assembling a cast and staff who will share her passion for one of the greatest American dramas of our time.  


Cast List

The Crucible

Reverend Samuel Parris
Abigail Williams
Susanna Walcott
Betty Parris
Ann Putnam
Thomas Putnam
Mercy Lewis
Mary Warren
John Proctor
Rebecca Nurse
Giles Corey
Reverend John Hale
Elizabeth Proctor
Francis Nurse
John Willard
Ezekiel Cheever
Deputy Governor Danforth
Judge Hathorne

Tosh Gorens
Roger Finnell
Kara Dewall
Lindsey Finnell
Breckyn Lyons
Tara McAndrew
Patrick O'Brien
Kate Moranski
Hailey McNamara
John O'Connor
Susan Jeffers
George Heroux
Jesse Trieger
Missy Thibodeaux-Thompson
Ted Mahler
Chuck Robertson
Eric Woods
Harvey Mack
John Moranski