Mother Hicks LogoMother Hicks

July 24 - 26 & July 30 - August 1, 2009
By Suzan Zeder
Directed by Valerie Parga

Set in southern Illinois, during the great Depression, this play is about three outsiders - - a foundling girl known only as Girl; a deaf boy, eloquent in the language of his silence; and an eccentric recluse, Mother Hicks, who is suspected of being a witch. The tale, told with poetry and sign language, chronicles the journeys of these three to find themselves, and each other, in a troubled time.

About the Director:

Valerie is back after having directed "The Miracle Worker" in 2007 and "The Elephant Man" in 2008. The play was named The Best Drama of 2007 by the Illinois Times. Valerie received her BA in Theatre from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1993. Her directing experience includes Crimes of the Heart, A Christmas Story, Deathtrap and Acorns to Oaks.. She is a member of West Side Christian church where she assists with Children’s Musicals as the Drama Director. Her acting experience includes performances in many productions including Equuis, Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, The American Dream, The Boar, Jesus Christ Superstar and Witness for the Prosecution. Valerie is a very proud mother to her son Caleb and welcomes the opportunity to direct again at TIP.


All auditionees are asked to prepare a 1 minute monologue of your choice.

7 Males

  • Tuc - 20 or so, deaf mute who signs and is the narrator of the show.
  • Jake Hammon - middle age, a farmer trying to provide for his family
  • Clovis P. Eudy - middle age, a shopkeeper (role could be female, too)
  • Wilson Walker, 30 or so, a writer from the WPA
  • Hosiah Ward, 30 or so, a mortician
  • Ricky Ricks, 12 or so, friend of Girl
  • Howie Hammon, 11 or so, friend of Girl, son to Jake.

6 Females

  • Girl - 13 or so, an orphan
  • Mother Hicks, 40 or so, an Outcast, strong but motherly
  • Izzy Ricks, 30 or so, mother to Ricky
  • Alma Ward, 40 or so, wife to Hosiah

Roles for 3 additional children.


Girl - Jordan Guinan
Mother Hicks - Jennifer Fray
Tuc - Bruce Sculley
Chorus #2 - Kari Wilhelm
Alma Ward - Laurie Barton
Hosiah Ward - Bruce Davidson
Wilson Waker - Bill Barton
Clara P. Eudy - Deb Whitson
Howie Hammon - Jakob Groeteke
Jake Hammon - Dennis Frye
Izzy Sue Ricks - Sherry Humphries
Ricky Ricks - Connor Davidson