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Forever This Land

July 3 - 5 & 9 - 12, 2009
by Kermit Hunter
Directed by Don Bailey

The life and times of Abraham Lincoln in New Salem, this musical play was commissioned by Gov. Adlai Stevenson in 1950 to Kermit Hunter. It was performed at New Salem in 1950 and 1951.



About the Director:

Don and his wife, Velma live in Springfield and are retired. Don has been active in theater for 58 years, working with over 100 shows. Don is Artistic Director for the Mature Mob in Springfield. He played Ben Franklin in “1776” for two years at Theatre in The Park. He was seen last year in "John Brown's Body," and played Matthew in "Anne of Green Gables." He is happy to be back with TIP to direct "Forever This Land." He was a part of the 1950 and 1951 production as assistant to Kermit Hunter, the playwright.


  • Director: Don Bailey
  • Assistant Director: Mary C Bonner
  • Musical Director: Diane Waltrip
  • Stage Manager: Dale Mason
  • Sets & Props: Charlie Cross, Randy Roller
  • Costumes: Deb Iams
  • Harpsichord: Ann Collins
  • Makeup: Velma Neal Bailey
  • Hair & Makeup: Brenda Thornburg
  • Choreographer: Jan Sparling
  • Production Assistant: Zac Clemmons


Narrator: Don Pritchard
Abraham Lincoln: Matt Husky
James Rutledge: Jim Yale
Ann Rutledge: Deborah Kerley
Hannah Jones Armstrong: Taylor Babb
Mrs James (Mary Ann) Rutledge: Kate Rossi
Jack Armstrong: Eric Woods
Rev. Peter Cartwright: Dan McLaughlin
John McNeil: Jason Muller
Mrs Joshua (Nanc) Miller: Lora Beavers
Joshua Miller: Ken Guernsey
Jack Kelso: Don Schneider
Mrs Jack (Hannah) Kelso, Vocal Ensemble: Joyce TeRonde
Peter Lukins, Drunk #1: Charlie Cross
Senator #2 & Messenger, Drunk #2, Vocal Ensemble: Ted Mahler
Senator #1, Gen Henry Atkinson: Jim Seay
Governor Ninian K Edwards, Chief Black Hawk, Vocal Ensemble: Richard Judd
Reverend James Cameron: Paul R. Cary
President Andrew Jackson, Man #1, Sentry, Vocal Ensemble: Bob TeRonde
Nelson Alley, Dr. John Allen: Randy Robbins
Colonel George Davenport, Tavern Guest: Don Russell
Mentor Graham, Man #3, Vocal Ensemble: Randy Roller
Indian Brave, David Rutledge: Sheldon Null
Louise Miller, Vocal Ensemble: Sarah Steinhour
Emily Rutledge, Ensemble: Debarah Janik
Jane Rutledge, Vocal Ensemble: Claire Hanrahan
Old Man, Man #2, Vocal Ensemble: John Moore
Mrs George Warburton, Vocal Ensemble: Michelle McHugh
Elizabeth Guliher, Vocal Ensemble: Kathleen Janik
Myra Rutledge, Vocal Ensemble: Erica Bomke
Mrs Henry (Susan) Onstott, Vocal Ensemble: Vicki Powers
Mrs Sophia Reginer, Vocal Ensemble: Carolyn Quinlan
Susan Bruner, Vocal Ensemble: Celeste Costa
Bill Berry, Vocal Ensemble: Frank Wilhite
George Warburton, Vocal Ensemble: Carl Birkner
Mrs John (Polly) Camron: Diane Waltrip
Mrs Waddell, Vocal Ensemble: Laura Baumgartner
Mary Ellen Rutledge: Emily Hernandez
John Rutledge: Franklin Baumgartner
Reverend John Cameron: Paul R. Cary