Yearning to Breathe Free

June 24 - 27, 2010

By: Tara McClellan McAndrew, local writer, writes history column for IT and SJR.
Directed by: Charley Cross
(10 Men, 10 Women, various children)

The immigration experiences of a few families riding the RMS Campania from Liverpool, England to New York City. The Fengermann family are Russian Jews escaping the Czar and looking for a new life in America. Widow Thomas Townes and his young daughters are hoping to start over. Other passengers are introduced and their experience tracked as this play brings forth the nuances and historically based facts of the journey of Ellis Island.


Thomas Townes - Jim Yale
Judith Townes - TBA
Elizabeth Townes - TBA
Joseph Fengerman - Barry Weiss
Yavuh Fengerman - Linda Schneider
Zelda Fengerman - Loretta B. Hess
Brayna - Deb Whitson
Nina Martinelli - Erica Smith
Daniel Rogen - Eric Woods
Hannah Jane Mason - Deb Kerley
Isabel Kurlakowski - Valerie Parga
Ship's doctor/emigrant/immigration official - Randy Robbins
Ship's Captain/emigrant/immigration official - Don Schneider
Anthony - Italian - Nina's betrothed/emmigrant - Rick Dunham
Marko - Isabel's betrothed - John Woodruff
El doctors/emigrant -
W. Forrest Sterling
Max Baumgardner
Scott Kinse
Ellis Island inspector - Don Schneider
Female passengers/emigrants -
Elizabeth D. Howell
Melissa Sterling
Shelby Santel
Missy Janik
Deborah Janik
Abby Yeley
Carol Woodrum
Mikeona Flower
Halee Smith Hillyer
Kasey Norman
Lyndsay Norman
Mykenzy Norman
Mary Disseler
Skylar Baumgardner
Male passengers/emigrants -
Konnor Clodfelter
Rick Dunham
John Woodruff
W. Forrest Sterling
Max Baumgardner
Scott Kinsel
Hunter Woods