healin' home

August 19-21, 26 & 27, 2011

directed by Deb Whitson
Full length drama
By Kari Catton

Set in Central Missouri in 1910, three orphaned siblings, Andalusia, Casey, and Bit, have run away from the Orphan Train. In a desperate attempt to stay together, the siblings stumble upon the homestead of broken-hearted parents, Jason & Sue Coley. Through intervention from omnipotent housekeeper, Bernadine, a yearning for family is awakened and hearts begin to mend.


Sue - Deborah Kerley
Jason - Jim Yale
Bernadine - Linda Schneider
Bit - Alex Remolina
Casey - Jordan Guinan
Andalusia - Claire Morrow
Crocker - TBD
Sheriff - Eric Woods
Rampleweed - Carol Woodrum

about the director

Deb Whitson is directing for the first time for the TIP stage.  Deb was previously seen on the TIP stage in last summer’s Yearning to Breathe Free, as Brayna.  Before that, Deb appeared as Clova in Mother Hicks.  She has directed and appeared in numerous productions at West Side Christian Church, including her favorite role, Witch Waye in The Legend of Robin Hood…Sort Of.  Deb has also helped backstage with make-up, hair, and sets and directed a dinner theater show in 2008, Virgil’s Wedding.  She is an RN for Memorial Home Services Hospice Program.  In her spare time, she enjoys to work on her improv skills and impressions, making her friends laugh, and photographing nature.

meet the author

Kari Catton has received numerous national writing awards.  In August 2009, Healin’ Home won an Honorable Mention in the Jackie White Children’s Playwriting Contest.  In December 2007, The Track Home: The Orphan Train, won 9th place in Stage Plays for the Writers Digest, Writing Competition.  And in 2004, at the Alabama Ten-Minute Play Festival, The One Born With a Veil was named a Finalist. Kari has written numerous other plays, The Sparkle Miser, Born With A Veil, and numerous other ten-minute plays.  But Healin’ Home, thus far, is her favorite piece.


Healin' Home
Jim Yale as 'Jason'
Guinan as 'Casey'

Healin Home 2
Alex Remolina as 'Bit'
Jordan Guinan as 'Casey'
Claire Morrow as 'Andalusia'

Healin Home 3
Alex Romolia as 'Bit'
Jordan Guinanas 'Casey'
Claire Morrow as 'Andalusia'
Linda Schneirder as 'Bernadine'
Jim Yale as 'Jason'

Healing Home4
Jordan Guinan as 'Casey'
Claire Morrow as 'Andalusia'

Healing Home 5

Linda Schneider as ‘Bernadine’
Jordan Guinan as ‘Casey’
Alex Remolina as ‘Bit
Claire Morrow as ‘Andalusia’

Healin Home 6
Deborah Kerley as ‘Sue’
Claire Morrow as ‘Andalusia’